Member benefits

1. Members enjoy the right to introduce and publicize themselves on the Association’s platform.
2. Members enjoy all benefits from the “Member Benefits” section on the Association’s platform.
For example: being able to view the Chinese translation of laws and regulations, medical records and other relevant translation contents. (In the future, the Association will organize personnel to translate the above contents for members to view)
Enjoy the preferential prices of international conferences, continuing education and training courses, as well as the possibility to watch video playback.
Enjoy information and resources about recommended French teachers and French training schools.
Enjoy the preferential member price for the mandatory CPR course training.
Enjoy the preferential price for collective purchase of needles, paper and other items.
*Note: For the Chinese translation of French, the French version should always be considered the final basis and the Chinese version is only for reference.
3. The Association’s platform will release information and resources related to Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture for your consultation and browsing.
4. Members can publish their own professional/academic articles on the Association’s platform.
5. Unity, cooperation and mutual support. In case of difficulties and problems, the Association will, within its ability, provide assistance or legal support to help members.


Quebec Association of Acupuncturists & TCM Practitioners
Association des acupuncteurs et praticiens de médecine traditionnelle chinoise du Québec
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