Quebec Association of Acupuncturists & TCM Practitioners is a non-profit civil academic society/organization, voluntarily initiated and formed by Quebec registered acupuncturists through mutual consultation. The Association has the following responsibilities and functions:

1. Unite acupuncturists, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners and local therapists interested in Oriental medicine, working in Quebec, to jointly explore and promote the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine culture in Quebec.

2. Take the Association as a platform to learn from the experience of our local and international colleagues, strengthen dialogue, exchange and communication with relevant professional organizations in Quebec, and protect the legitimate professional rights and interests of acupuncturists and TCM practitioners.

3. Join hands with acupuncturists, TCM practitioners, traditional therapists and other professionals interested in the development of medical health, from China and other countries, to carry out academic exchanges, cooperation and improvement, in order to promote the healthy development of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Quebec and benefit the local people.

4. Organize academic exchanges and conferences with relevant international and local medical experts, scholars, teachers and colleagues, in order to expand academic vision and improve professional and technical abilities.

5. Introduce and organize some professional courses, and strive for some privileges and benefits for our members.

6. As a platform, provide some professional information assistance for other therapists, so that they can better and faster adapt and integrate into the professional environment of Quebec and give full play to their professional advantages and treatment abilities.


Quebec Association of Acupuncturists & TCM Practitioners
Association des acupuncteurs et praticiens de médecine traditionnelle chinoise du Québec
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