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About Membership fees and Donations/Sponsorship

Hi! Thank you for your trust and support to the Association!

Members pay an annual fee of100 CAD$/ year,which covers the period starting from January 1 to December 31; or a monthly payment of 10 CAD$/ month. Membership that is not paid at the beginning of the year takes effect from the date we receive the membership fee, and can be paid monthly (and then in the next year, it can be paid annually).

Anyone who is passionate about traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture or friends from all walks of life who are willing to support us, are welcome todonate and sponsor. We will thank you for your support by providing you publicity on our website and other ways, according to the situation of our Association.

会员缴费及捐款赞助 / Membership fee and donation sponsorship / Paiement de l'adhésion et parrainage de dons

1. 会员费年付:100 CAD$/年(1月1日-12月31日, 使用信用卡支付请加3.5CAD$手续费,即转账103.5CAD$) 2. 会员费月付:10 CAD$/月 (缴费之日起) 3. 捐款赞助请根据情况选择金额 / ENGLISH: 1. Annual fee: 100 CAD$/year (January 1 - December 31. If you pay by credit card, please add a handling fee of 3.5CAD$, that is, transfer 103.5CAD$) 2. Monthly subscription: 10 CAD$/month (from the date of payment) 3. Please select the donation and sponsorship amount according to the situation / FRANÇAIS: 1. Cotisation annuelle : 100 CAD$/année (1er janvier - 31 décembre. Si vous payez par carte de crédit, veuillez ajouter des frais de traitement de 3,5 CAD$, soit un virement de 103,5 CAD$) 2. Cotisation mensuelle : 10 CAD$/mois (à partir de la date de paiement) 3. Veuillez sélectionner le montant du don et du parrainage en fonction de la situation
  • 其他金额(自己填写)| Other amount (fill in by yourself) | Autre montant (à remplir par vous-même)
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Quebec Association of Acupuncturists & TCM Practitioners
Association des acupuncteurs et praticiens de médecine traditionnelle chinoise du Québec
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